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Startups and existing businesses with a new idea

If you are a startup with a fresh idea for a new product, or an established company without an existing IT system supporting your business, our software development team can help you create an innovative solution to your problem or idea, enabling you to reach your target market with lightning speed and reduce operational costs.

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Legacy system architecture and technology

If you are an established business with a legacy IT system, we can assist with upgrading and modernizing your infrastructure, so that you will be able to develop new ideas quicker and expand your customer base, all while keeping your IT system scalable and performant.

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Systems integration, powerful BI automation, marketing automation

If your business is dragged down by repeatable tasks in your daily business processes, we can assist with automating these processes, to reduce your operational costs and allowing your employees to focus on tasks that matter most to your customers.

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How we do it


We consider a personal approach, based on transparent communication, yields the best results when finding a solution to your problem.

We try to see your problem from your perspective and consider all the troubles that come from it as they were our own.

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EVERY STEP ON THE WAY nice and easy

We are with you 24/7, from the first drawing to the finished product, and beyond!

We consult you during development and provide assistance to both you and your customers after the product is launched.


We believe in the success of your product and are also prepared to support its growth and evolution.

We achieve this by integrating your product into our robust, modular and scalable platform designed for rapid business innovation.

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We do it with passion and dedication.


We transform your existing data and processes into digital form to enable your business to achieve a competitive edge and prepare it for future innovation and development in the digital world.


With our modular approach to development, we represent your business services as finely-grained blocks of functionalities, that allow us to rapidly change and adapt the combined whole to changing business requirements, all while keeping the system resilient, operational and ready for future innovations.


We help you untangle and automate the web of processes in your organization, so you can gain clarity and vision over your business, increase speed, reduce operational costs and innovate your business by developing and deploying new processes.


With know-how of both marketing, market research and automation, as well as a dedicated product used and proven at scale, we improve your marketing processes to allow you to effectively reach your customers on multiple channels and streamline your marketing processes.


Our solutions are built to be scalable from the ground-up, so we ensure that as your business, user base and the amounts of data required to process grow, so does the software and processes that support it.

What we did

BIGBANG=Orchestrate. Digitalize. Transform



The basic purpose of the project is to follow the most important trends of the digital society and economy, and above all to step to the next level of providing a superior customer experience, which will be completely personalized and unified with the help of the convergence of digital technologies, regardless of whether the customer is in his traveling between virtual and physical channels. This will position Big Bang in the market as a leading retailer.

The investment is part of the measures of the Slovenian plan, which is financed from the mechanism of the Plan for recovery and resilience – NextGenerationEU.

Solve-X partner - EU-NextGeneration
Solve-X partner - NOO

What we did


Project “T-2 smart cities 4.0”


Development of the next generation platform T-2 smart cities for the digital transformation of city services, smart interaction with citizens and a carbon-free society.

Development of new digital solutions that will contribute to the technological strengthening and digital transformation of consortium partners and their business functions. Through the project, open innovation will be encouraged and the digital competences of employees will be strengthened. The purpose of the project is to influence the rise and growth of productivity, optimization and reduction of the costs of providing services and operations, and on greater competitiveness and a more open market, as well as greater possibilities for the commercialization of innovative solutions.

The investment is part of the measures of the Slovenian plan, which is financed from the mechanism of the Plan for recovery and resilience.

Solve-X partner - EU-NextGeneration
Solve-X partner - NOO

What we did


The SCFDB project

Web app

The SCFDB project is taking place in the field of development, and marketing as part of the development of the Smart City platform. The project will contribute to the expansion of the portfolio of applications related to the platform and thus enrich the development part of the platform.

Spirit | Ministrstvo za gospodarski razvoj in tehnologijo RS | Evropski sklad v regionalni razvoj

In line with the company’s new sustainable strategy, the SCFDB project aims to ensure the company’s entry into completely new global value chains, new global and local partnerships and move to a more sustainable, development-oriented sales portfolio.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.”


Solve-X partner - Spirit
Solve-X partner - MGRT
Solve-X partner - EKP

What we did



Web and mobile app

We built the Smart City platform by connecting advanced IoT sensors, a car sharing system and a citizen connectivity platform. It is open to integration of third-party solutions.

T2 | Telekom

The IoT Smart City platform means both the construction of the telecommunications infrastructure, its management and the creation of a data lake, from which we draw data that is constantly available in a secure cloud system. One of the key features of a smart city is the integration of smart IoT sensors, which make it easier to manage the occupancy of parking lots, electric charging stations, public lighting or air quality. We upgraded it with centralized management and useful data processing. Via simple user interface is possible to create surveys, events, news, to monitor traffic, parking lot occupancy or air quality sensors. The purpose of the Smart City platform is automated communication of the community with citizens via a mobile application. The app shows the user real-time events and if there are any problems in the community.

What we did



Web and mobile app

Warp-it is a modular application for online research and collection of any kind of data, by
personal or self-interview.

Uniqa | Gallup | Imas | Vocare

It offers quick and easy design of questionnaire with an option to use pre-set design or creation of a custom questionnaire. The software supports all kinds of online surveys (CATI, CAPI, CAWI, online CAPI) on different platorms. It enables design of questionnaires with thousands of research variables as well as for large samples, enabling professional research by the most demanding users. It features entry, design, real-time tracking of attainment of the set sample and real-time review of basic statistics. It features panel design (list of participants), with options of following, rewarding and editing of panelists. It also offers various report options for research results. It is a safe and reliable software, supported by the most demanding security protocols, while a numerous variety of complementary modules enables high adaptability to user needs.

What we did



Web and mobile app

We participated in the planning and implementation of digitalization of business processes, with the aim of introducing paperless operations and electronic signatures, both for employees in branches, agents in the field, as well as customers who use services through the website.


We have developed a system for preparing, maintaining and integrating dynamic web forms that allow programming-free content changing. The forms are screen-size responsive and integrated into the user interfaces of insurance agents’ existing applications for reporting claims to banks and insurance valuation sites. Completed forms converted to PDF format can also be signed by users in our sign module to provide a verified signature on insurance’s portable devices.

Our integrated services safely transform the data collected through the forms to the insurance company’s back-office systems. Our solutions support several different user scenarios and services that the insurance company offers to its customers. Implemented solutions are hosted on a scalable, secure and reliable platform based on recognized open standards and technologies. This ensures technological independence and quality sources for development and user documentation.

What we did



Web app and statistical data processing

In close cooperation with our clients, we have developed a user-friendly tool for building control panels that enable aggregate data view, reduced to screen size or scattered across multiple screens. The tool provides a quick, clear and focused insight into the data collected that is important to the company.


Interactive interface elements allow transitioning over different time periods. Data filtering and the possibility to break into sub-categories offers users additional interactive insight into the aggregated data. By creating your own visualizations, the interpretation of data for decision-making is simpler and more transparent.

We have put particular emphasis on the development of automated insight into key performance indicators. Portal allows combining data sources, expanding the focus and, consequently, you can obtain a clearer picture of the company’s digital environment.

What we did



Web app

With developed modules for measuring competencies, setting goals, conducting trainings and 360 insights into the employee, the application enables individual monitoring of the employee as well as his connection to the company’s story.

Sava | Avto Krka | Pomgrad

With a long history in organisational climate measurement support, we – in cooperation with several Slovenian companies – have approached the development of an application that focuses on employees, organisational culture, emphasizes quality, increases efficiency, and helps each individual’s personal development in the company. Competencies as a set of properties and skills, where their evaluation at the level of a company or individual improves work productivity and effectiveness, are measured within the application in an automated repetitive process.

Competencies and goal models help a company adapt its initiatives to its overall business strategy. By aligning competencies with business strategies, an organization can better hire and select employees. Well-placed models, on the other hand, help guide performance, succession planning, and career development.

What we did



Web app

The Marketing Automation program helps marketing departments automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks that are part of running campaigns via email, social media, and many other tasks on websites.

T2 | Uniqa | Zavarovalnica Triglav

A well-designed campaign can only be successful with properly planned marketing automation activities. That is why we have developed our marketing automation program with our customers in mind to improve their connection with their clients and increase efficiency for faster revenue growth.

Our scalable platform allows you to automate marketing and sales cooperation. With it, our clients gain new leads and customers, conclude more deals and can measure their market success better.

For greater success, we focused on:

  • Analytics to measure performance and return on investment
  • Multivariate testing
  • Campaign segmentation
  • Email / SMS / Whatsup marketing automation

What we did



Some of the great clients who trusted us.

Solve-X partner - T-2 telekomunikacije Solve-X partner - T-2 telekomunikacije
Solve-X partner - Telekom Slovenije Solve-X partner - Telekom Slovenije
Solve-X partner - Sava zavarovalnica Solve-X partner - Sava zavarovalnica
Solve-X partner - Uniqa Group Solve-X partner - Uniqa Group
Solve-X partner - Univerza v Mariboru Solve-X partner - Univerza v Mariboru
Solve-X partner - IMAS International Solve-X partner - IMAS International
Solve-X partner - Zavarovalnica Triglav Solve-X partner - Zavarovalnica Triglav
Solve-X partner - Big Bang UAU Solve-X partner - Big Bang UAU
Solve-X partner - Gallup International Solve-X partner - Gallup International
Solve-X partner - Erste Group Bank AG Solve-X partner - Erste Group Bank AG
Solve-X partner - Gallup Institut Solve-X partner - Gallup Institut
Solve-X partner - Avto Krka Solve-X partner - Avto Krka
Solve-X partner - Spirit Solve-X partner - Spirit
Solve-X partner - EKP Solve-X partner - EKP
Solve-X partner - MGRT Solve-X partner - MGRT

Who we are


Our goal is not just to meet our client’s needs,
but to exceed their expectations and make
every single client a loyal customer.

The Solve-x team consist of senior, experienced IT leaders and young, bold developers. With background based on experience and fresh, out of the box ideas we want to colour each new project with client’s specific note.

We offer full IT support to reach all business goals – whether it is hosting and maintenance of servers, development and full support of CRM systems, development of top application, creating a presentation website, web shop or corporate visual identity.

We always insure the highest level of security and last available web technologies. Our top solutions are supporting data collection, organisation and management for clients and working with large databases.










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high quality
programming and testing

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Business intelligence automation at Solve-X


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I hereby acknowledge and agree that the personal data provided is processed for the following purposes:

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I hereby acknowledge that the personal data which I submit will be processed to the extent necessary to achieve the above-mentioned purposes. 

I hereby represent that I have been informed about my right to:

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  • object to the processing of personal data in specific cases – GDPR, Article 21;
  • request that decisions based on automated processing concerning or significantly affecting a person and it is based on personal data are made by natural persons, not only by completers – GDPR, Article 22 (automated is only a process of inviting members to participate in surveys);
  • object to the transfer of my personal data.

I hereby acknowledge that I can submit a complaint to the Information Commissioner in Slovenia (Dunajska cesta 22, 1000 Ljubljana, e-mail: gp.ip@ip-rs.si, phone: 012309730, Website: www.ip-rs.si).

I hereby acknowledge that personal data requests and any other questions about personal data can be sent to an e-mail: vesna.brlic@solve-x.net or info@solve-x.net.

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