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A young, disruptive company based in Maribor, Slovenia is looking for reinforcements. The company is focused on the design and development of complex software solutions, web and mobile applications, automation and digitalization, microservices, machine learning, AI... We’re working with well known and established companies both at home and abroad (Big Bang, Zavarovalnica Sava, T-2, Uniqa, Allianz, Sky DE, …) and have been growing successfully ever since our founding. We’re therefore looking for a unique individual with whom we’ll be reaching our goals successfully even faster.
The job includes the design and development of new user interfaces and applications, as well as maintaining and upgrading existing solutions.
Our development process includes both custom software solutions as well as development of our own solutions in the fields of automation, data processing and HR solutions.


  • At least two years experience with writing production code
  • Pragmatic approach to problem solving, desire to find simple solutions
  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript and/or TypeScript
  • Excellent understanding of OAuth 2.0 and JWTs
  • GIT;
  • Desire and habit of writing simple, well-structured and standardized code
  • Experience with the Vue 2.0 framework is a plus
  • Experience and understanding of event-driven architecture and working with microservices is a plus
  • Good sense of design and UX is a plus


  • Good communication with the team - teamwork
  • Work in sprints (Scrum);
  • Part-time communication with the end-customer, especially in the planning phase
  • Knowledge of English and/or German


  • A chance to become a part of a young, highly motivated team, that exchanges knowledge and ideas, with a constant desire to improve ourselves
  • Dynamic and flexible work, through which you will improve yourself personally and technically
  • Challenges in bringing the latest and greatest technologies and practices to the Slovenian, European and US markets
  • Employees have calm working conditions
  • Flexible working hours and the ability to work from home
  • Participating in seminars and conferences
  • We’re very enthusiastic about sports and excercise and we therefore offer you a company-sponsored gym membership, weekly team sports (volleyball, football, …) as well as sport-climbing or parkour
  • Team building events and picnics
  • Activities outside office hours include climbing Triglav, visting caves, Pohorje... Or simply grabbing a drink and hanging out.


  • We use source control software
  • We use CI/CD and automated testing
  • We use a bug tracking database system
  • We use the best tools and equipment available
  • We have a timeline-base development flow
  • Employees have calm working conditions
  • Candidates write code as part of the interview process
  • We offer activities outside of working hours
Are you an experienced professional with a need for new challenges? Perhaps a knowledge-and-experience-seeking student, waiting to start their career path? Do you want to know more about the company or maybe have a business idea of your own that you wish to make come true? Write us at or apply here and we’ll be happy to have a chat.

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