About us

Playful ideas, uncompromising security

A Solve-x team consist of senior, experienced IT leaders and young, bold developers. The senior members of the team were gaining their first experience when www has just started to become a widespread tool of communication and the younger members are bringing fresh ideas and complement our services especially in terms of design. With background based on experience and fresh out-of the box ideas we want to colour each new project with client’ specific note.

Our goal is not just to meet our client’s needs, but to exceed their expectations and make every single client a loyal customer. We offer you full IT support to reach your business goal – whether it is hosting and maintenance of your servers, development and full support to your CRM systems, creating a presentation website, corporate visual identity, or development of top application, either for web or Android or both.

We always insure the highest level of security and last available web technologies.

We are one of the leading IT companies producing web applications with latest technology and CRM products in the wider area. We are proud of our clients from Slovenia and abroad and we invite you to join this expanding group of satisfied customers.