Borut Jakovac
Programming is a game, statistics is a hobby. More demanding clients, more fun, getting my gray matter to afterburn.
“Badminton forever.“


Janez Kovač
Project manager
We learn, we grow, we share …solutions for our customers.
On the way we embrace changes and we tackle new challenges to find right solution.


Boštjan Kodrič
Team Leader
“I want to change the world but they wouldn’t give me the source code.”
“Someone who solves a problem you didn’t know you had in a way that you don’t understand.”


Srečko Žličar
Developer, project leader
Member of research and development team, project manager, Android applications’ developer. I try to be organised and simplify work in such a manner, that process from idea to product runs smoothly and as simple as possible.
“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” N. Mandela


Miha Vajngerl
Project and graphic designer
Always tries to solve the graphic designs and functionalities trough the eye of the prospective user of our software solutions. Designs plans for new projects so they can be completed efficiently, safely and successfully.
“Tennis & hiking, art & music, nature & small animals…these pull me away from my graphic display panel“


Ana Križman
A graduated psychologist, who has been gaining her work experience in market research and analysis, working mainly on large international projects such as Eurobarometer. I have been leading many data analysis for various clients and has later been working in HRM field, including selection, evaluation and climate surveys. This experiences are being put on test when trying to condense them in new HRassistance application.
“A goal in private time: to keep Solviks manager happy :)


Matej Drame
Php and JavaScript developer
Frontend javascript and backend PHP programmer.


Marko Kuhar
Programs from web pages to mobile apps, works on both frontend and backend. Skilled in JavaScript and JavaScript libraries (jQuery, EXTJS).
“As a software developer you are your worst enemy the sooner you realize that the better you’re off.”


Petra Janc
Software Tester
I test web pages and applications, write instruction manuals and carry out other information services (entering texts, Solve-x web page management, reminding co-workers about projects’ deadlines :) ).
“In my free time I do graphic design, play a guitar (or at least am trying to learn).”


Jure Hrastnik
Composing modern web applications with exploitation performance of HTML5 technologies (Frontend Developer / HTML5 & JavaScript enthusiast). Designing, planning processes and managing various data for exposing services (Backend Developer / PHP, MySQL).
“Like playing football & listening house music & enjoy in nature.”


Tanis Kodrun
Babysitter of the Warpit
Develops new features for Warpit and maintains the old ones. Sacrifices his mental health to retain the customers happiness.
“Likes travelling, hiking and photography. There are two sides to every coin.“


David Fenko
Php and JavaScript developer
Frontend javascript and backend PHP programmer.


Grega Lenič
Web programmer
Knows how to put together a JavaScript and PHP based web site that is not just build well but also nice to look at. He also works at a fast pace and still gets the job done right.
“Likes to play football, but also likes to watch it with a cold beer and some chips.
if(isSunny) {
goes_for_a_jog(); }
else {
goes_to_a_gym(); }
He’s a simple man who likes to program.”


Leon Gorjup
Php and JavaScript developer
Frontend javascript and backend PHP programmer.


David Šket
Fullstack developer
If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.


Marko Jakovac
I have a PhD in Mathematics. My research fields are Graph Theory and Algorithmic Optimization. The main goal is to find problems in networks and solve them with theorems and fast algorithms.
“To those who ask what the infinitely small quantity in mathematics is, we answer that it is actually zero. Hence there are not so many mysteries hidden in this concept as they are usually believed to be.” Leonhard Euler


Klemen Olaj
If something can’t be done, I can do it with css3 and html5.
“If you want to have a nice body, you have to include css3 into your head.”


Peter Janžič
Developing web solutions mainly for the travel industry. Backend and frontend online reservation systems.
“There are no problems, only challenges.”


Miran Helbl
PHP & Javascript developer
“I’m a sports addict, I like football, gym, jogging and everything else associated with sports. Besides all that, I like to program too.”